Villa Samira - Plush dining area


Villa Samira - Thai curry

A highlight of staying at Villa Samira is its delicious cuisine, all prepared with flair by your personal chef.

With a suggestion menu brimming with Thai dishes and a small selection of western fare, dining here offers a good chance to discover Thailand’s flavourful food at your own pace.  The chef and villa manager are here to advise and help you plan your meals, and dishes can be customised to accommodate any special dietary requirements or personal preferences.

Not sure if you can handle the spices of a Tom Yum soup or green curry?  No problem.  Just let the chef know your tolerance for heat and they will adjust accordingly.

Groceries and beverages are charged at market price plus a 20% handling fee and a government tax, with a minimum shopping fee of THB 750.  The staff will do the shopping and keep the receipts for reference at the end of stay.  To give the chef and staff adequate time to prepare, guests are encouraged to plan meals at least a day in advance.

Villa Saan - Stunning Aerial Shot

With attention-demanding views of the Andaman Sea, world-class facilities and lavish setting, the eight-bedroomed Villa Saan is a fabulous holiday abode just next door to Villa Samira. Rent both villas for a spectacular 14 bedroom offering, ideal for large groups vacationing together.

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